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I agree with everything you said.

What you want is somebody that has problem-solving skills. Someone who is a quick learner. Someone that can get the ball rolling without you having to sit there and hold their hand

This, a thousand times this.

If I were one of those super guru consultants paid to advise companies on how to plan their future I would yell to the CEOs: hire junior devs alongside your senior devs. Fortunately, for the yelling part, I'm not.

I think it's a serious mistake having only super experienced developers in the long term. It makes sense when you're starting up but in the long run you run the risk of having a few super experienced devs which individually know a lot of the business and when (note I didn't say if) one of them leaves (because they are sought after more than the junior devs or because of burnout) you find yourself in a bad situation because they take away with them not only their own expertise but the knowledge of your business domain. If the company bothered to train juniors it would have lessen the impact.


So very true


Yeah, I love this. Get someone who is creative and can attack a problem from different angles. Sometimes, even an experienced person will do the same thing over and over because of that experience. It's through experimentation that makes code better.


Right, sometimes more experienced people get defensive about their knowledge and the known ways of doing things :-)

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