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Discussion on: Breaking up with JavaScript

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Well maybe what you're looking for is in the middle. A more structured programming language that you can use on the web too. I know Swift and Kotlin both have web frameworks but I'm not sure how big the community around them is and the job market for those. You could consider checking out Go which checks a lot of your boxes: strongly typed, fantastic IDE support, comprehensive standard library, as fast or faster than Node. There are definitely less third party packages than Node but that might be a plus :D

Valid alternatives can be Python or Ruby, though they are both dynamic (so less structure in a sense), they are solid "boring" languages with a long history and huge communities.

I guess Elixir (functional and dynamic) it's also a valid alternative.

Anyhow, you'll figure out with time if you're interested in mobile development or just looking for another language to replace JavaScript on the server :-)