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re: Learning Flutter - Part 1 - Intro VIEW POST

re: is this what you're talking about? I'm not sure how it works in iOS, but whenever I have a pop-up in iOS, everything behind it is blurred. That's...

It seems more a behavior controlled by the operating systems than the app but maybe you can replicate it inside your own app. It's just a guess.

Could you test it please? I think it's just a matter of changing a theme in your app from Material Design to Cupertino.

I don't know how, I don't have an iPhone...

I'll check tonight if I can come up with demo that could work on the emulator or something.

@defman , I did a test. The dialog blurs the background. I think this is the issue when they implemented it:

Screenshots from the iOS Simulator:

Screenshot from my Android Phone:

Since widgets are rendered by a 2D library you can effectively use iOS widgets on Android and viceversa, even if you shouldn't :D

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