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Discussion on: Recommend:illustration How does Unicorn work?

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You should probably read the link I put in the previous comment - - to have a better answer:

With microservices and containers, the world is becoming increasingly polyglot. Every language reinvents tooling and duplicates efforts, and the quality and usability of these vary wildly. With Passenger 6 / GLS (Generic Language Support) we aim to provide the benefits of Passenger to more people. Using Passenger across your stack ensures standardization, allowing teams to move faster and with more confidence.

Passenger has tools that give you insight on what's going on inside your webserver, supports multiple apps inside the same app server (so you might have one app written in Go and another one in Ruby all handled by the same server).

So, maybe if you have an app made by different pieces written in different languages you want to standardize the web server layer, use the same tooling and deployment. Passenger is a way to do it.