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Great post Ross. I feel the same way about Vue. It's "omasakeiness" is the reason why it has a low entry barrier and that the documentation around is essentially universal because most people use VueJS the same way.

It's also a testament of the amount of thought that Evan You and the team had to put into creating a well designed API and lots of sensible defaults on any layer of the ecosystem.

Last year I was picking up a framework to write an app and I described my choice of Vue like this:

I gravitated towards Vue probably for the same reason I gravitated towards Python many years ago: I don't like complicated things. I like simple technologies that can handle complexity. React didn't attract me much (I have a thing for the underdogs, in life too :D), JSX didn't make sense to me and I fell in love with the "Single File Component" style in Vue and I was sure it could do everything I needed.

Omasake doesn't work all the time but it goes a long way and as you said, if
substitutions are cheap, it can work also for other people as well


Awesome, thanks for sharing. I was excited for React at first, but the cost of getting setup over several projects wore me out a bit. Vue goes a long way to improving the developer experience—a big win in my book.

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