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I build web apps, most in Ruby and/or JavaScript. I'm lucky to work remotely. I also do triathlon and Dad jokes.


Stay in school, kids

These Rails apps are overpacking their JavaScript bundles

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The webpack plugin I can't live without

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25 reasons to switch to Webpack(er)

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A guide to NPM version constraints for Rubyists

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What new/upcoming Web API(s) are you most excited about? Why?

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What programming language(s) do you want to learn in 2020?

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What are your thoughts on how open source maintainers solicit for financial support?

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3 ways Webpack surprises web developers

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Importing images with Webpack(er)

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Overpacking: A Common Webpacker Mistake

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Vue.js is omakase

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Seven reasons to learn Vue.js in 2019

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Deploying a Vue.js website to Amazon S3 with CircleCI

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Your first Progressive Web App on Rails

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Hi, I'm Ross Kaffenberger

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