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Ahaha, from frustration creativity arises!

Is Telegram end to end encrypted by default at last? Because it wasn't in the past. I wish people would suggest Signal more than Telegram TBH. They don't store any metadata and are e2e encrypted :D


According to a quick search it looks like it is, but I'll add Signal to the list too. Thanks!


According to the FAQ it still isn't:

End-to-end encryption is used in Telegram Secret Chats.

which means that by default it's not I guess, unless you only initiate "secret chats".

Allo, before it was cancelled because no one used it, was criticized on its release date exactly because e2e was optional, which means that the regular users would not use it.

Dang. Thanks for digging deeper. That's kinda messed up it's not on by default.

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