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Ryan • Edited on

Howdy! I am excited to finally join up. I've been working my way back to engineering for 7 years now, and I couldn't be more excited to rejoin the pack. I have spent my career growing as a business person, learning sales, solution architecture, consulting, and leadership. Hopefully, with the help of this community I can resharpen my hard skills and fully polish what I bring to my next team.

Feel free to reach out and discuss any topic you like, but my current focused list includes:

  • Web and Mobile Tech
  • Security and Identity for all
  • Game Development
  • IoT and automation
  • also music and brewing

Glad to be here!

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I am curious about what you mean by "Security and Identity for all", can you elaborate ?

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Absolutely! I am getting a kick out of learning about security, privacy, and digital identity. Hopefully, we (the collective we) will make these technologies more and more approachable for general use and lead to widespread use.

My current tinkering has me trying to add physical identity to an api using Yubico's technology as well as playing with more end-to-end encryption services like sync or keybase.