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Welcome to DEV!

  1. Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun fact about yourself.

  2. Reply to someone's comment, either with a question or just a hello. 👋

Great to have you in the community!


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Hey there! I've been a tech blogger and marketer since 2015.) In my blog here, I share insights into the technology world and software development. I generally cover such topics as programming (web and mobile development, the creation of enterprise solutions, technology overviews, etc.), IoT, blockchain, and so on. Will be happy to discuss tech ideas and issues with you!)


Nice to see you taking an interest in blockchain! Its applications are limitless, and it's fun to ponder the possibilities sometimes. :)


Thanks Diana, I will came to your page


Wow, nice, I welcome you as well as my self


I'm good thanks. Where have you acquired your tech knowledge from or most of it?


looking forward to read some of your articles / work ! :)


Hey there! I focus on developing frontend since 2013. I was always interested in sharpening my skills and making the users happy, because I saw and used so many bad or not exactly ideal UIs myself. Actually I started much earlier though it's not directly related to what I do now. The only common thing is building good UIs, no matter what tools and platforms I use for that.

Some time ago I started mentoring my friends about frontend and development in general. Now I see many pitfalls into which often fall many newbies, so I started helping out people in thematic chats. Instead of solving actual problems I always try to just direct people in the right direction to help develop their own intuition quicker. I see many problems in that area, which I can't solve as whole this way.

So I decided to start writing posts-roadmaps for beginners to help people choose a bit more appropriate solutions for typical problems. Currently I see a lot of resistance, because of many tools currently marketed as the one true way to build software. Some technologies, buzzwords or even whole stacks are being forced from various sources. I plan to describe typical problems arising from using these solutions in general cases and help to avoid ruining projects in result.

So the end goal is the same as before: making the users happy. But this time I'll try to do it by making developers happy, so they have more time to make their users happy.

And I see dev.to as an ideal platform for that task.

P.S. I just signed up (before that I only read posts) and I already see the level of friendliness. Thanks a lot for such a great place to be in!!!


Making developers happy is a noble goal :)


For now I just published simple boilerplate for webpack for everyone to enjoy. Hope it'll help someone github.com/faergeek/webpack-ssr-hm...


Hi Sergey! Welcome to Dev. What do you think would be the first 5 things i should take in order to start my way learning more to begin learning about front end development.


Hi! I'll post exactly about that first. Very soon. But initially I thought mostly about JS and in context of React (just because I use it myself). Do you also have questions about where to start in HTML/CSS? I'd add some resources in the list about that too. But need to choose the best in class (in my opinion, obviously) before that anyway. So you'd better just subscribe to not count that I remember to send you a link ;-)

Appreciate it. Would love to subscribe!


Great story Sergey, glad to have you here!


Hi everyone, I'm currently pursuing my PhD, on applying machine learning in healthcare. This site looks neat!


Hi! New here too, just wanted to say that I think healtcare is in my opinion the field where I want to see ML succeed the most and I love seeing people doing exactly that! Best wishes and good look with your studies!


Welcome to the community! I build software for the healthcare industry, so I'll probably run into your work sooner or later. :-)


Thanks Jesse. I am currently working on retina, and my aim is to productionise my research work into the healthcare industry, to help people prevent vision loss.


Hi Jingles. Good luck with the PhD!


that's great - i am also very interested in this topic ! :)


What a great application for machine learning! I'd love to learn it myself but don't really know where to start, any tips?


Hey Coner, it really depends on what you're interested in. I think the most common now is image processing, and that's where I started. Wrote an article about image segmentation [towardsdatascience.com/biomedical-...], which is part of the process to detect glaucoma disease.
X-ray and MRI are also pretty popular. There is a survey call "A Survey on Deep Learning in Medical Image Analysis" if you are interested to find out about other image processing applications.

Sounds a great place to start to be honest. I've always had an interest in medical field although not being professionally involved in it, is there some projects I could possibly contribute towards while developing my skills?

Also, from the perspective of learning machine learning, what language would be best? I know JS has tensorflow but I hear python is great for this stuff. Any thoughts?

There are past competitions on Kaggle such as Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and
APTOS 2019 Blindness Detection, probably many others. Where there are datasets, and codes to learn from others how they did it. That would likely develop machine learning knowledge. Open-source project to contribute, unlikely, not that I know of. Most medical data are not open source.

Python will certainly be the way to go for ML. For me, I use the PyTorch framework. With Python, you get to use the system's resources and GPU. TensorFlow.js is only mainly used for presentation, after training a model (with Python), port the model into a "lite" version, and present model capability in web browser (with TFJS). Although end-to-end training can be done in TFJS, it is very limited to data size and computation. See my end-to-end training article to predict time series with TFJS

Thanks for the overview. As you can expect my knowledge of machine learning at the minute is quite primitive. But, I'll definitely be looking into some of the technologies you mentioned and thr article you linked. Thanks once again and I wish you the best of luck with your work. 👍


Hi All, I am Ravi kumar, I am machine learning enthusiast and would like to explore the world of ML and Data science


Hey together :-)
I'm a software engineer since 2009, I love speaking on conferences and sharing my knowledge about the web and Angular in workshops. I have never been a tech blogger but I want to get into it :)
My tech stack is JavaScript overall :D Node.js in the backend and Angular in the frontend, but I also use .NET Core recently a lot. For around 2 years I'm also in the WebAssembly community :)


Welcome! We're into the same types of things. Dev.to is the best technical blogging community out there. They'll encourage the crap out of you and you'll love it. Glad you're here.


I'm pretty sure there's a lot of awesome people here... who also love semicolons!

Anyway, I'm a prof. JS/TS dev who's dabbling in GoLang. Advocate for simplicity, a11y and standardized solutions. Love React, and I am utterly addicted to coffee.


Hi Flemming, nice to meet you!
I'm a dev who loves JS and Python and I'm also dabbling in Golang.
(No semicolons! Muahahaha! 😈)
Would love to chat over remote coffee.


Hi! I'm frequent reader of dev.to blogs and decided to create an official account today!

I'm a self-taught full stack developer, primarily focusing on backend. I'm an experimental learner, meaning that I've touch (or written a program) in a variety of programming languages and tools. Formerly @SheCanTech on Twitter. I previously interned at Microsoft and The Washington Post and am currently a student majoring in CS and minoring in Mathematical Sciences. I hope to post #100DaysofX and how-to blogs on things like Spring Boot, Scala, Tensorflow.js, WebXR, and whatever else I can think or feel like sharing.

I'm also on the job market for a new job and have my first ever on-site Google interview this Friday. Wish me luck and/or send me pointers, please.


Hello, community!

I am a full-stack JS expert with over 9 years of experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software house located Belarus. Here I’m responsible for technical consulting, negotiating, and managing our team.

Being an active contributor to open source development, I’m proud that many of our company’s products have a high number of stars on GitHub. Hope, I will become a great part of this community.)


Hi...I'm solomon from Ghana west Africa..a first year student studying information technology at one of the best technology institution in my country, Kwame Nkrumah University of science and Technology (K.N.U.S.T)
I will like to learn more and new things from you, thank you.


Hello Solomon,
I hope you find what you're looking to get here. I'm new too and hope we can all learn from here.


Hello World!

I am three weeks into my coding bootcamp and ready to record and share my learning throughout the process. I have been teaching the past few years and am ready to hop into the tech industry with my new skills in coding.

I am interested in both front and back end and think I will pick a side once I have gotten a feel for both in the bootcamp.

Happy Hacking!


Hi Mary, I'm Katie, one of the basic moderators here on DEV (unofficial title: DEV cheerleader 😊)

I want to welcome you to the DEV community and let you know that you'll find lots of help and support here for all your coding needs.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or contribute new ideas.
Good luck in bootcamp!


welcome into the coding world !


Hi All, Solomon here. I'm a Front-End Developer sharpening my skills in Javascript and hoping to add more tools to my stack.


Helllooooo, I'm Alireza, 20 years old from Iran, I'm a Full-Stack Developer working remotely in 2 different companies, I mostly code in Python and JavaScript sometimes, I signed up and I have no idea why, I'm thinking about starting to write blog posts, maybe that's the reason
I use Arch BTW :v


Hey Alireza!

Sounds like you've found a great working setup. I've been tentatively looking at ways to get remote to work here in Sweden for some time but would seem that we're not quite there yet. Do you have any tips on making the remote life work with your private life?


Hey Axel,

Actually I thought there should be more opportunities in Europe

Here in Iran, we mostly use Telegram as the messenger, There are a lot of Telegram groups related to the field we work in, I try to answer the questions and participate in the discussions, I try to gain reputation doing this, People won't pay you to answer their questions, and u have no responsibility, But if you do this the right way, people can understand about your knowledge by reading your answers

Community helped me a lot, I answer questions on Telegram groups, Forums, StackOverflow and ...
I learnt a lot from community and by being active on the community I can gain reputation and help people

So in a nutshell, I recommend u working on yourself as your personal brand.

I'm not a native English speaker, Sorry for bad English


Hello everyone!

I have designed and implemented a practical programming language called MANOOL.

Right now I am writing my first white paper or article about the subject, which I am going to cross-post on dev.to as well as on the official Web site (manool.org), and it should be complete shortly.

Looking forward for your comments...


What sets Manool apart from other languages?


Unfortunately, any short answer would leave you with even more questions, and what really matters is, as always, details. That said, on the MANOOL official Web site the shortest description is:

MANOOL is a programming language with the same purpose as Python, Ruby, PHP, Common Lisp, or Scheme but it is designed with one central idea in mind:

  • to maximize the expressive power / implementation complexity ratio.

The author's implementation fits in only 10 KLOC in C++, yet it exhibits competitive run-time performance.



I am data architect, project manager, Python developer, data engineer from Moscow. I run NGO "Infoculture" infoculture.ru dedicated to open data and digital preservation.

I write about Russian government data and IT at begtin.tech

My latest project is spending.gov.ru about government spending of Russian federation.

Feel free to ask me about government data strategies and govtech.


Hi All,Aman here I'm a tech enthusiast exploring to develop my front-end skills currently started working on reactjs,stumbled here from the react site,excited to be part of the community looking forward to explore,learn and share.Happy learning folks.


I love to make the impossibilities possible in ICT.

... to design and develop solutions to ease people and business lives.

"Just want to make the world a better place"

So glad to be in this community of highly influential Pros. Am here to learn and contribute to the growth of Tech world.

Thank you.


Welcome. Community members are here to help and support you!


Hi, I started my journey into web development in 2016, and it has been an amazing one. currently I am very good with frontend development( just HTML5, javascript and Css). however recently i dive into the deep seas of Backend development( Ruby( rails), PHP(laravel)). I hope to share my wonderful stories of my journey as i swim in the seas of logics.


Hi everyone!

I'm a backend developer and I used to teach programming classes in Brazil. Now I'm moving to Stockholm and I'm going to use mostly NodeJS and Java in my new job.

I share content in Portuguese but I'm open to talk about anything that involves programming. :-)


Hi Joviane, welcome!
I'd love to hear about your experience teaching programming.


Hello everyone!
I am a Software Engineer Master student currently writing my Master's Thesis in NLP/ML and I am very passionate about technology, and I hope I can satisfy my passion even more with this blog :)


Hello Everyone! I'm an IT student currently working towards a bachelor in Computer and Information Systems with a minor in web development. Started my first project this year in my spare time building a LAMP based website on a Raspberry Pi 3. Few interests outside of development would be reading fantasy novels, SharePoint management, the odd video game, and hiking. I'm excited to talk more with you all.


Hey All, I am a graduate developer currently doing most of my work in c# within CMSs like Sitecore and Tridion while also trying to learn some front-end tech. I only found out about this community a couple of weeks ago through Reddit or the TLDR newsletter can\t really remember which one to my shame. Anyway hello!!


Hello my nane is John. Basically I'm here to familiarise myself, with developer and technologists. Ihave recently started to learn Blockchain technology. To add more background to my career as a tech talent recruiter.


Hello everyone, nebelgrau here. I describe myself as an aspiring data witcher, as in "data practitioner" more than "scientist". I have a background in engineering, but I'd never programmed until I decided to learn data science with Python almost two years ago. I'm also interested in embedded programming, to have data gathered from sensors and then ideally implement machine learning on the edge: that's why I started with MicroPython first, but I'm also learning Rust and C, mostly for embedded use on Cortex-M MCUs. I hope to learn new stuff here!


That's so cool! I love this kind of programming, it sounds so fun. Much has become possible with the rise of Python and we can truly do anything with it now.

My focus is more on web programming. From how websites look and function to the servers that make it all possible.


Santhosh Yadav, my Angular 8 instructor introduced me to this community. I love to follow up with the growing technologies. Want to discuss tech ideas and issues with you all for solutions and sharing knowledge.


Hello! I'm a junior developer looking to learn more about the software development world. For now, I won't be doing much posting, mostly reading, but perhaps I'll find something worthwhile to share with you guys soon!


Hello World! I'm excited for share my experiences here, I know that my English is not so good but is are a more one motive for me try writing here. My skills are with Angular, CSS, Laravel, Usability and Mobile, specially with hybrid apps with Ionic, Firebase and Cordova.

I'm author of the book Cordova Advanced and Phonegap and always that possible, I'm try write in my blog.

I hope share good content.


Buom dia Diego!
Yes, please share your experience.
I know that a lot of people are confused of what multi-platform makes sense in which context.
Don't worry about not being a native English speaker, I also plenty of "errors". Who cares?


Hi Jean, thanks for the words positive!


Hi I'm Daniel Chukwurah, a front-end developer. I'm happy to be here.
I'm transitioning from being an agriculturist to a developer. I started coding last year and I hope to find the support I need here.

I'm currently learning VueJs.


Hello world! I am a new developer! I will be sharing and unpacking my experiences as I learn full stack web development. I have been working with Javascript, HTML, CSS, React, and Ruby, so far.
I am so excited to learn and grow as a developer!!

I am learning so this will likely be largely reflective and at times, error-ridden.. But here's to the journey!! :}
Feel free to reach out regarding anything!


Welcome Kimberly! Excited to see your coding process and learning grow


I am an Electronic Engineer.
I have keen interest in Computer science and IT.
So I joined the community.
In the field of IoT and smart electronic devices Electronic developers and Software developers are engaged, so I think there should be collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Hi there,
I am an Electronic Engineer.
I have keen interest in coding and IOT.
So I joined the community.
In the field of IoT and smart electronic devices Electronic developers and Software developers are engaged, so I think there should be collaboration and knowledge sharing.I wish I could gain more knowledge in this platform.