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Manage your GitHub Pull Requests from IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA has released a new feature that allows us to handle Pull Requests within the IDE without having to go to the page and review it from there. The most attractive thing about this feature is that you can create and modify the PR information as well as its approval or close it.

Let's explore!

Login GitHub Account

First, we need to log in to our GitHub account.


Create Pull Request

To create a Pull Request we must go to the VCS menu -> GIT -> Create Pull Request, fill in the information that it asks for and click OK. It will also be reflected on the website.

Create PR
Verify in GitHub page.

Done in Github


Pull Requests can be accessed on the left panel. We can search for the status of the Pull Request in open or closed and see the content.


Modify the status in the same panel where they are listed.



Once the revision is done, it remains to finish the PR with the merge to the branch where the changes will be mixed, this is achieved with the Merge button or otherwise with Close Pull Request button.


On the page you will also find the merge.



This feature offers many advantages when revising and approving changes in the code, it allows adding comments on sections of code where observations are made. It's good to have GitHub functionalities into the IDE. There is still a lack of resolution of conflicts in the code in the way they are solved on the page, although it has what it takes to use it.

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Andres Lopez


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ςคгɭ๏ร ɭ๏קєչ

Nice functionality for Jetbrains!! waiting for Android Studio update with this new feature!!