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Discussion on: Come on our podcast - or shout out someone you'd love to hear as a guest!

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Richard Klose

I have no podcasting experience at all, but I'd really like to try it out. Looks like nice opportunity to get started with podcasting.

I have some topics, that might be interesting and I'd like to talk about, e.g.:

  • We've built our own UI Framework on top of Angular and Bootstrap. I could share some thoughts about why and how we did it, and when somebody should do that or definitely should not.
  • I am responsible for most of our development infrastructure, so there are a lot of things I could share, from self-hosting several services companies might need in their own network up to creating specific infrastructure for very specific needs and how to maintain that. Also some security insights in that context might be interesting.
  • I work partly remote/from home because I want to spend as much time as possible with my family. Remote-work is a really new concept to our company, so I could share some insights on how we switch from a "in-office-only" to a "everyone-can-work-remotely" culture for ~30 devs in less than two years without any productivity issues at all.
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Matthew Collison Author

Richard - from all the points you laid out here, we'd love to have you on our podcast as we know your personal experience and expertise can provide so much value to beginners.

Can you drop us a message on DEV Connect (via our Profile)? Then we can get the ball rolling. We'd message you but we forgot it requires a mutual follow :)