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Discussion on: 6 Months of Working Remotely Taught Me a Thing or Ten

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Rick Gregory

All good points and I see people have hit on the top 2 for me (I've been remote/freelance for a decade) - have a separate space if you possibly can which is your office and dress for work. I'll add another that, if it was mentioned, I missed. Set office hours.

it's incredibly easy to never really stop working, even if you move from your home office to your personal space and change from 'work' clothes into sweats, etc. Don't do that as a habit. Just as physical boundaries and appearances are import, so are temporal ones. Keep a regular work schedule that fits with your needs and those of your colleagues and the company. That might be 8-5 or not, but whatever it is, set those hours and try to keep them consistently. Do the same thing for days. If your regular work days are Mon-Fri, then work those days and NOT on the weekend.

Sure, make exceptions here and there if a project is in crunch time and really needs the extra push. But don't fall into the trap of working 24/7.

That said, working remotely has a big advantage that being in an office does not. Work permitting, you can take a couple of hours on a random day to have a long lunch with a friend you've not seen and make those hours up in the evening.... so don't straitjacket yourself. Occasionally, it makes sense to break the schedule and if you can do it without letting people down and you want to... do that.