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There are surely more aspects to the decision, but one I get in mind is:

If you use auto-tiling features of your OS, the single wide-screen may prove annoying. In Windows e.g., you can tell an application to use half of the screen with a keyboard shortcut. I mostly use this to have word documents, file explorers and alike on left and right side of the screen. But if you have one huge screen and not 3 normal ones, you can't easily place 6 applications side by side this way anymore.


Actually that's my main concern about ultrawide screens.. normally I use OS shortcuts to organize my view layout of apps (Win+sidekeys) all the time, comes in pretty handy to split the views of code editor and browser, for example. I'm sure there are tons of ways to split like 6 programs in ultrawide too, tho I'm not sure how efficient they are.


Microsoft itself created "PowerToys", that allows you to create full customizable desktop layouts, its a must use for me.

I second PowerToys, I was a big fan of the 3 monitor setup but PowerToys makes one ultrawide usable.

for some reasons I can't reply to @dandantas , but(I apparently did) Thx! I didn't know about PowerToys before. First thing (right after a few month's worth of updates) I will install when back in office!

@dandantas , checked out all the features it comes with, I have to say FancyZones and Run would be the only ones I would consider (currently use Keypirinha as app launcher) :)

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