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Discussion on: Discussion - Is Covid Impacting Developers Life?

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How the covid has influenced your social life [...] and at work (in your professional life)

Socially, the big thing would be limited in-person gatherings with friends.
At work, well since our offices have been closed except for absolutely essential staff, I haven't had a physical location to work from for more than a year now. During the summer months when the virus slowed down for a bit, I was able to work from a public area and/or coffee shop but that only opened up for a short time. The lack of physical work environment has been a huge challenge. I made a choice to switch teams and take on a different position within my organization a few weeks before the offices closed, so not only did I have to adapt to the pandemic changes but I started a new job two weeks into the pandemic.

What has changed in your life since the start of the covid?

Outside of work, I used to go on adventures around the city on public transit but of course that is no longer an option as the transit in my city mostly stopped running as of June 15 last year. Since I haven't gone through the process of purchasing a motor vehicle (it's not an absolute necessity for me), I've had to rely on Uber to get anywhere beyond walking distance.
Since the beginning of the covid situation, I started doing weekly video chats with a few of my friends as a way to keep some sort of sanity. Otherwise I'd just try to bury myself with work to avoid stress. Sounds counterintuitive, but it's what I turn to when I don't want to deal with life outside of work.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during COVID-19?

My biggest challenge is having to mostly remain in a place I absolutely hate being in, home. It's hard to be productive or to relax in a place you hate being in. You can decorate it to be physically and cosmetically pleasing, but at the end of the day, it's still home.

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