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Hey Tracy! Awesome to see you doing this AMA, despite you stealing Jay from us :P

A few questions:
What was the GDE process like? Did you reach out, or did they? Has it helped you in your career?

What do you think is the largest barrier for newcomers to RxJS? How can the community help out?


The GDE process is different for everyone! They reached out and told me to apply. You can also be recommended by another GDE. I believe you can just apply as well but the rules change so often that I'm not confident if you can just apply these days. I think the benefit of being a GDE is being able to have access to new Google technologies! Being a GDE is just about doing what you already do and helping promote Google Technologies through community involvement.

Largest barriers for newcomers to RxJS would probably be knowing how on earth to do anything. We currently have the RxJS docs initiative and the new docs are hosted at rxjsdocs.com. These are beta but pretty easy to contribute to. I think also finding the time to take an hour out and pair with someone on Rx related things is always really nice and helpful too! :)


What's the process of applying for GDE? And is it a status you need to re-up on or do anything to keep?

Well, I think for right now you have to be recommended by another GDE! Typically you become a GDE because you are already in the community and people already assume you are a GDE. That has been the case for myself and many others. :) I'm not sure if you ever "lose" your GDE status - but definitely the program expects you to track what you do as a GDE and those metrics are reported on. :)

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