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Illustrating a Book for Young Adults

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Illustrations are an important part of story books for all ages and they are equally loved by all. You may wonder that illustrations are usually for younger kids but it is not so, there are some fantastic illustration works which are done for books meant for a grown-up children audience. The illustrations may be real like or semi-real, they just have to be powerful enough to capture the attention and sentiments of young adults. Illustrations which are slightly edgy also are quite suitable for this segment of readers. Some kind of sophistication in the illustrations is also suitable for some stories written for young adults.

How Illustrations in a book can connect with teenagers or Young adults

We all know how the children’s book illustrations connect with little kids and children or even babies for that matter, but you might have wondered if the same connection can be created with young adults or teenagers, the answer is ‘Yes’. Illustrations in young fiction books do help in emphasizing the theme of the book and give a new direction to the reader’s mind in comprehending it.
Since teenagers are in a development stage of their thinking, it is also a good idea to have illustrations in books which help them develop their social and political opinions. Many of the books talk about racism, family values, relationship between parents and child, loss-grief, teenagers can relate to such stories really well, and when presented with illustrations create a deep impact on the readers and they help the developing minds of young adults.
We have seen some text books with illustrations and rhyming texts which are to be read aloud. These make the boring information sound really interesting and it becomes easy for the readers to remember concepts presented using illustrations.
Illustrations help the readers do a picture analysis improving their comprehension ability.

What kind of young adult books have illustrations in them?

Illustrations are very popular in young adult fiction books. They make the drama in the story really come alive. You can find a lot of them in any book store or library. Also, there are some popular ones which have been made into movies and are loved by all.
We can also have illustrations in text books, personality and other workshop books and many more. Books on history can be quite boring but if they are presented with beautiful illustrations, they can be quite captivating and become the memorable ones.
Books on deforestation, recycling and other concerning environment issues are some popular subjects in young adult non-fiction books. The illustrations in them are quite important to get the reader’s attention and motivate them to think about such global issues.

An illustrator who illustrate children’s book is equally suitable to illustrate for young adults. So, as an author who is looking to hire an illustrator for a book meant for young adults, check various children’s book illustrator portfolio, and look out for a kind of style which you would prefer for you story and characters.

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