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Java vs Kotlin

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Although Java has the reputation of being a top-notch programming language, a modern language was required by Android for quite some time. Kotlin has filled this gap, and it has become quite popular amongst the developers at present.

This article will talk about, which is more suitable for Android app development, Java, or Kotlin.

What exactly is Kotlin?

Kotlin happens to be a programming language that is used for JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine. Google officially supports Kotlin for Android mobile development. After Android Studio 3.0 was released in 2017, Kotlin was included as a standard Java compiler alternative.

Kotlin can be described as a language for general purposes. Functional features have been introduced by it for supporting Java interoperability. Kotlin aids in enhancing the coding experience practically and effectively. It is compatible with Java 6 or Java 8 and gets the leading IDEs out there.

Unlike Java, it will be possible to write much less code with Kotlin. Consequently, the files are also of smaller size in the case of Kotlin as compared to Java.

What exactly is Java?

Being amongst the oldest and the easiest languages, Java is quite popular and has been at the summit for over 20 years. Sun Microsystems is responsible for creating Java, which is an object-oriented language.

Apart from developing Android apps, Java does many more things. As a result, if you can master Java, you will become an integral part of the larger Java market and community, thus having many career opportunities ahead of you.

Being a popular programming language, Java is class-based and object-oriented. Moreover, it will be possible to execute lots of statements rather than executing them sequentially. Put simply, Java can be considered a computing program where it will be possible to create applications.

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