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Discussion on: IDOM - It's React, but in Python

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Ryan Morshead Author

Will I be able to compile it on Windows and would that require additional libraries?

IDOM is pure Python, no compilation required.

How compatible is your solution with previous Windows versions, like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, this is a simple question. So you didn't perform any compatibility tests? How is this useful for anything?

If you can install Python>=3.7 on these platforms then it should run since it's pure Python. I cannot guarantee it won't be buggy though. I can't seem to get CI running for Windows (see issue above), and I don't own a Windows machine.

Please keep in mind I'm the sole developer of IDOM and I'm doing it in my free time without any sort of financial sponsorship.

All UI applications should allow DPI scaling (if I set it to 120% will it scale?)

It runs in the browser, so yes, it does support it.

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Bartosz Wójcik

So what's the usage of this thing, if you cannot compile it for Windows? Is it like a web thing?

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Ryan Morshead Author

Yes. As are all the alternatives mentioned. That's explained here: