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re: Thanks for the long, insightful and beneficial article you've written, one thing i would like to know is, would emigrating to Japan be something ha...

I think there was a problem with Dev.to's notification system. I kept seeing notifications for my articles, but couldn't actually read their contents. I am sorry for the delay in responding.

I worked with a guy named Mohamed when I taught English. Great guy. Went to go rent a house - got discriminated against because he was black. It's not even a speculation type of thing - his white Ukrainian girlfriend went to scope it out, said there would be two of them, they said no problem. He went with her to confirm, they told them "The apartment is suddenly unavailable." After some back and forth, it turns out that the landlord didn't want a black guy living there. Japanese law makes this perfectly legal.

That being said, for the vast majority of your interactions, no one will care. I don't know anything about the actual emigration process itself for non-Americans, of course, but living here - I don't think you'll experience more-than-average ignorance for having that name as compared to any other name.

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