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Discussion on: What is Big O Notation?

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Rob Conery

True the implementation details aren’t on the top of my head and I totally agree it’s a weird language. Wouldn’t surprise me to find out that really, under the hood, it’s a mess. Either way Big O doesn’t care mate. That stuff (Lang or framework details) is actually beside the point. An array, as a data structure, is treated as O(1) conceptually speaking as that’s where we are... in the land of concepts.

There is a concern with true measurement (I think it’s big T or something) but Big O is meant as shorthand... like and algorithmic pronoun.

I think this is just as important a point as any other and usually where people get stuck with Big O... the “what if my input is..” or “what if I’m using X which doesn’t have Y concern”. All of those are valid! But Big O is a bit more generalized in that sense.