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✨ Github-feed-cli : Github feed right at your terminal.

✨ Github-feed-cli is a cli app that brings your GitHub feed right to your terminal.

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✨ Github feed right at your terminal

Most of the time while I am coding I have this habit of quickly checking my GitHub feed for no reason.
So I thought it would really cool if I could take a quick look at my GitHub feed right from my working terminal.

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Well, that idea alone was enough for me to fork my my extended boilerplate and start coding at 1.20 AM at the morning for the cli app that does exactly the job that I mentioned which is Bringing GitHub feed to my your terminal

Here is how to get strated with this tool:


$ npm install --global github-feed-cli
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    $ feed <options>

    --username, -u Github username to fetch the feed [default: Your own git username]
    --page, -p Page number of the results to fetch [default: 1]
    --version, -v Get the current version

    $ feed
    $ feed --page 2
    $ feed --username rocktimsaikia
    $ feed --username rocktimsaikia -page 2
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  • When you simply run feed without any flags/input it will fetch and show your current GitHub feed.

  • You can also see any other GitHub users feed too by adding the --username flag following the github username of the person you wanna check.

  • If you want to go to the next page of the feed, you can simply pass in --page following by the page number. Default is 1.

[ PS: This was a fun little project and I had an awesome time coding it. I thought someone else might find it interesting too so made a quick post on it.
Also leave a star at the repo 🌟 if you like this project. Thanks for reading 🦄 👋]

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