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Discussion on: Why and how you should migrate from Visual Studio Code to VSCodium

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Rodolfo Perottoni

People nowadays run from telemetry like they are some sort of billionaire philanthropist or even know stuff governments are after and I simply don’t get it.
You’re not that important, and whatever is it that you do isn’t valuable on its own. No one will be sitting at Microsoft talking about what one single person did when they opened VSCode on XYZ date because this is not how analytics data is used... so please save your time and just use whatever editor you’d like. You can run from telemetry as much as you’d like, but you’ll never be able to escape from it. If you use Github Microsoft already has all the data they want from you anyways, and guess what? there’s nothing you can do. So yeah... good luck trying to be anonymous.

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Nathilia Pierce

I don't think a prompt to enable "anonymized" telemetry during the first setup would've been bad (defaulting to no).

And you don't have to be a target to simple not want your data being sent to a third-party. Our data is one of the most precious commodities of today, and yes - people really do care about your data. After all, Google makes millions off of yours.

All I'm saying, is that there is no reason people shouldn't have a choice. You'll never be 100% anonymous, but you can make the process hard and involved for someone to track you down and gather your information.

Power to the people, not the corporations.