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LeetCode : Jewels and Stones With Solutions

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Problem Statement

You're given strings jewels representing the types of stones that are jewels, and stones representing the stones you have. Each character in stones is a type of stone you have. You want to know how many of the stones you have are also jewels.

Letters are case sensitive, so "a" is considered a different type of stone from "A".

Example 1:

Input: jewels = "aA", stones = "aAAbbbb"
Output: 3
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Example 2:

Input: jewels = "z", stones = "ZZ"
Output: 0
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  • 1 <= jewels.length, stones.length <= 50
  • jewels and stones consist of only English letters.
  • All the characters of jewels are unique.


class Solution {
    public int numJewelsInStones(String jewels, String stones) {
         int count= 0;
        for (char jewel:jewels.toCharArray()) {
            for (char stone:stones.toCharArray()) {

        return count;
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In this article, we learned way to solve LeetCode Problem Statement Jewels and Stones using java.

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