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Discussion on: Everest: A gorgeous REST API client written in JavaFX

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Rohit Awate Author

I just realized something.

If you're building from source, I'd suggest you build off the 'core-optimization' branch rather than master. This one, as the name suggests is for optimizing the internals, which is great, but I've also heavily changed the Visualizer making it far far lighter than the one you'll find on master.

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Matteo Joliveau • Edited

I would add the following, in no particular order:

  • Save requests (so that I could name them and reuse them, maybe adding also an option to export them so I can sync them between computers would be great)
  • Group requests (so that I can organize them better, for example by project or something)
  • A generator for CURL strings, maybe even some popular language, like does. This can be tricky so take it just as a light suggestion, but it would be really great to have at some point!
  • GraphQL client (like GraphiQL but better, with support to headers and such. It is very simple to implement, normally GraphQL queries are simple POST requests with a particular query string in the body object.)
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Rohit Awate Author

Great! Thanks for your input.
I'll try my best to incorporate these. :)

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