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re: Awesome awesome stuff!!! Really nice! Similar to the app related to dams I did and wrote about here, I believe these projects are the best to learn

I agree. It gave me another chance to go deeper on Docker and Docker Compose. Now, as I said, I need to overcome the limitations.. Let's see if I find good advices here ;)


If I may suggest adding a Redis container to your setup, for Nextcloud caching instead of the default apcu. I'm also looking into adding a Photoprism container since it can import directly from Nextcloud, or so I keep reading.
Also I found Docker compose to be cumbersome so I started using Ansible since it has it's own "docker_module". That way I deploy my own cloud infra with really granular parameters and modulatity, and also avoiding docker-compose's "deploy my containers as a group" mentality.
The beauty of it all is that if one RaspberryPi's power isn't enough for this setup you can always buy another one and split containers among them as you see fit.

I followed what you said but, I want to be honest, I'm not able to implement such architecture by my own. I'm only at the beginning! :)
I'll keep your comment in mind tho, it'll be useful for my next steps into docker and docker-compose. I like working with it!! :)

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