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Discussion on: Is Multitasking Effective for Your Work as a Developer?

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Rriggs95 • Edited

Great post really insightful!

For me personally, I started multitasking instinctively from a young age, just to constantly keep my brain occupied rather than from the need to increase my productivity or anything. Having read this, I'm starting to think it's really hurt me more than it's helped. Being a new addition to the work force, I am having trouble obtaining a steady work flow. Whenever the time to start working on something comes,this urge to do something irrelevant at the same time slowly creeps in and wrecks my focus. Sometimes it feels like work just to keep my attention on the project at hand.

Hadn't really given it much thought before though, so thanks for the insightful, albeit accidental, opinion on my problem 😋

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Danila Petrova Author

To be completely honest, I understand what you mean, it builds up as a habit, and like any other habit, it can turn harmful if overused.

I did the same thing. When I was a teenager, I needed to commute around an hour and a half to school, and then again back home. Don't need to say how boring it can be on the bus.

I started listening to music, then added reading a book, then I started doing my homework. Now as I have spent a few years in the workforce, I maintained the same multitasking habits - listening to music while I work to avoid getting distracted, and then also on my way home while adding a book in the mix. However, putting myself through constant activity on multiple channels, so to speak, lead me to a terrible burnout and week-long headaches.

I am not saying that I don't listen to music or read on the bus anymore, but rather, I attempt to limit the times I do multiple things at once.

And I definitely try to steer clear of it while working and put in more dedicated focus on my tasks.

I hope this helps!