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R Sanjabi
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28.10.19 - In which many wheels were spun

And little forward momentum occurred...

My weekly accountability report for my self-study approach to learning data science.
    Things that I worked on this week.
  • I reviewed some high-level documentation of Scikit-learn, in order to have some level of preparedness for the WiMLDS sklearn open-source sprint this coming weekend. I've never been involved in open source or a sprint, so I'm excited about that. But I definitely need to do a bit more studying/review in that arena.
  • I did some more fastai. I returned to week three because I wanted to understand better what I was doing. I worked on protein multilabel classification and got more CUDA errors, but was able to figure out a scaling system that seemed to work and I avoided more crashes, by swapping out to resnet34, using smaller images sizes and incrementally increasing them while shrinking the batch sizes. My resulting f-score beat the top public scores, proof that I have no clue what I'm doing. I was at the point where I was reading the forums to understand people's various approaches when the opportunity came to do some freelance work. So I haven't been back to fastai, and I'm not sure exactly when that will happen as the next few weeks are filling up between sklearn, work, and family constraints.
  • Something I wish I understood - why does my VM on GCP sometimes quit? Usually not long after a first launch it? Very mysterious...
  • I did manage to study polynomial regression and pull together several hundred flashcards in machine learning, coding, and statistics. I like being able to review a little at a time in a very methodical way. I don't feel like it's necessary for a job, but I do think it will be helpful for interviews. Alt Text
  • There are many things about python that tripped me up when I first started learning it. Like list comprehensions and how iterators work in for loops but once I write them of my own volition I feel like I attain the next level of pythonicness. This weekend I had the opportunity to say "you know what would be good here, a generator" and then I wrote it and I'm honestly wondering why I was scratching my head for so long. Honestly, it's probably because I still have to remind myself that functions are objects.
  • I feel like I should have gotten more stuff done this week, but damn if work & study - life balance isn't hard. Life has a way of demanding my attention, which I don't mind. It's just hard to say no to. I think I will try to make sure I set my alarm every morning and see if I can't get some consistency around that.

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Erik Anderson

"I feel like I should have gotten more stuff done this week"
It seems to me like you got quite a bit done!

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R Sanjabi

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback. Doing things on your own can make it hard to have perspective.

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

You know who you are. Sorry for the callout 😆