You ask business people questions but you do it without respect

Roman Sedykh on July 03, 2019

Ok, the more accurate title would be "How to communicate with business people about their projects if you're a freelance developer", but I couldn't... [Read Full]
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I agree with this.

Coming from a sales background. I was always scolded by my boss on how I spoke to people, especially business owners or multi-millionaires. His point always boils down to giving them all details as possible so they could visualize what we were selling.

It also may seem to us(freelance devs) that a question is not important to ask but will be important to your client which may be a decision maker to get the deal.


So true. The most important thing is to help clients visualize every aspect of a project that you'll have to deal with. This will make them appreciate what you'll do for them and make them willing to pay generously for your work.


Clients often will go with you if they are comfortable and understand what it will be like working with you. So the more you can help them visualize working with you, the more they will feel confident in hiring you.


Like for the title >_<
Great stuff! I'll definitely use it in my freelance projects


This is super helpful! Although it tells what we already have somewhere in the back of our minds. But, it is a good reminder.


Over the years I found out that I following the same algorithm over and over again, and decided to put it on paper. So yeah, it's always somewhere in the back of our minds.

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