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Discussion on: Confessions of a Reluctant Ionic-React Fan

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Matthew Harris

Interesting overview. After getting curious and searching for the popularity of React vs Angular vs Ionic it seemed that it is an order of magnitude more popular.

I tried out an Ionic React tutorial just to get a little bit of experience with it.

In fact I had built a Stencil component to use within a WordPress plugin a few weeks earlier so I'd had an introduction to the tsx style markup. It was handy but I felt the same as you - it was a messy solution to be blending the markup and code all together like that and I didn't think it would be somethin I would like to work on a large project with.

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Michael D. Callaghan Author

Thanks. React's popularity is the reason I finally broke down and started playing with it. I figured if anything could get me interested in React, it would be Ionic.

The timing of my little experiment was fortuitous, as I found myself actually using Ionic-React only a week later.

I don't know that I will ever get used to dropping logic into my views.