Discussion on: What's the state of Ruby? Is it trending down for good or just settling in to a mature niche role?

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Theresa Luu

I hesitate to participate in these discussions because Ruby and Rails is still fun for me and works for the contexts I've used them for professionally and for fun.

What is the future of it? Eh? What's the future of anything? The truth is, depending on when you started your app, you might have decided on a Rails stack and your business priorities may not allow you to rewrite the damn thing no matter how crazy the architecture it is that you have. What about performance and all-around craftsmanship? Aren't there better ways? Yea, probably. Does every app there need to be concerned with this? In a perfect world yes. For me, if I sit and are worrying about this all the time, I'm not going to build anything. I like to treat my programming like I treat my love life: I do not do well when I'm constantly questioning "Is this really the one for me?". Does that mean I won't ever try anything different? No! In fact it allows me to try something new with the intent of just figuring it out and enjoying it without the pressure of "should this be my new thing" (in fact, I love Node and slay in JS and that doesn't make me love Rails any less). And then if the timing is right for whatever app, I'll use the shit out of it.

I do love hearing these discussions, even though I don't like to have a strong opinion on it.

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Ben Halpern Author

I love Node and slay in JS and that doesn't make me love Rails any less