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Our self-developed alternative service for self-developed alternative services, free to use Github

The code hosting service CodeFever developed by the Dandelion team is used to replace Github internally. After nearly two years of polishing and stability verification, it is officially free and open source for everyone to use today. You are welcome to search for CodeFever on Github​​​​​​​​to visit us If you have any ideas or suggestions, you are welcome to submit them to us and participate in the open source co-construction of CodeFever.


Open source project entry:

technology stack used: PHP 、Go 、Nodejs 、React

Installation method: Support manual installation, and also support docker one-line command installation. Everyone is welcome to fork/star/follow, and more welcome to submit PR.

The main function:

🆓 Free forever: Free for everyone to use forever, you don't need to worry about paying

❤️ Complete Open Source: Complete open source without reservation, without any compiled or encrypted code

🥬 Lightweight installation: minimalist design style, excluding redundant functions that are heavily redundant

⚡️ Efficient performance: extremely fast speed, extremely low server resource requirements, 1 core CPU/1G memory can run

♾️ Unlimited warehouses: There is no limit on the number of warehouses and the number of warehouses used

⌨️ Code comparison: Support for different versions of submitted code supports highlighting and comparison

🛤️ Branches and tags: Full support for native Git features to help manage code more clearly

🙋‍♂️ Merge Request: Support multi-person collaboration, making code version control smoother

🙅🏻‍♀️ Branch protection: The branch protection function makes code submission safe and controllable, and code review is easier and clearer

👥 Multi-person collaboration: support multi-person team collaboration, and can set the roles and permissions of each member

🖥️ Management background: support the super administrator background, allowing the team leader to manage all projects and user information

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