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I would say React in general. It has become synonymous with front-end. It has a steep learning curve and its own terminology/patterns that are foreign to those that do not use it but that are proficient in web development. Other frameworks/libraries seem to do all of the same things, have similar performance, and are more beginner-friendly. I'm not sure why I would reach for React other than for an existing project or its popularity.

I would also say some new features added to React are also overrated. They solve problems that only exist because React created those problems. I'm not against the library being improved and simplifying the use of it, but the hype over some things seems unwarranted. There seemed to be a lot of friction caused by classes (and their verbosity) vs. functional components, prop-drilling, render props, and higher-order components. The recent updates add to the developer experience but add another React-specific concept to learn. The most recent example I can think of is "hooks" or as I like to call them "function calls." I'm definitely oversimplifying what they do and it has made React code much simpler, but c'mon, you are just calling a function to do something. What was all the hype about?


It never was strange to me and I've embarked on the SPA bandwaggon with Meteor. But I do agree that it created new whole concepts different from the traditional web's. The simplicity of it (just a view library) is why I go with it instead of Angular. I've got a set of libraries I usually use with React like axios, rematch, styled-components. I think about React as a whole new platform to build interface upon, not something to manipulate the dom like jQuery does


It took me 3 weeks to become as proficient in React as a year in Angular. Steep learning curve is not really accurate. Unless you basically never tried it for more than a few minutes. The only reason it seems overrated is because it's so widely used, because it's so good. Does it seem simple? Yeah, that's a good thing. When something so simple can do so much..


Exactly , Angula is way way harder than react


I was thinking more along the lines of Vue, Svelte, and libraries of that nature being more beginner-friendly alternatives that are similar to React.

I think the learning curve for React not only comes from the concepts I mentioned above but the ecosystem as well. The library is barebones, API is minimal, and there are no accepted conventions. That could be positive or negative for some people. For me, it is negative. Getting started and learning to write components is not too bad, I would agree with you there. But the trouble comes when someone may just want to build an app to solve a problem. They have to worry about structuring an app, adding routing, styling components, forms, etc. while keeping everything manageable. It adds more learning, more configuration, and more troubleshooting on top of learning the library.

It's just Javascript. Svelte is a bunch of its own specific conventions. React is not hard to learn. Unless you only barely tried once. It's just so easy


Riot looks awesome, I like their philosophy of keeping things simple and close to web standards.

I have been working with Stencil recently which has a similar mission. Stencil uses TypeScript, JSX, and a minimal API and compiles to web components. I'm liking it so far but I'll keep Riot in mind.

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