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re: It took me 3 weeks to become as proficient in React as a year in Angular. Steep learning curve is not really accurate. Unless you basically never t...

I was thinking more along the lines of Vue, Svelte, and libraries of that nature being more beginner-friendly alternatives that are similar to React.

I think the learning curve for React not only comes from the concepts I mentioned above but the ecosystem as well. The library is barebones, API is minimal, and there are no accepted conventions. That could be positive or negative for some people. For me, it is negative. Getting started and learning to write components is not too bad, I would agree with you there. But the trouble comes when someone may just want to build an app to solve a problem. They have to worry about structuring an app, adding routing, styling components, forms, etc. while keeping everything manageable. It adds more learning, more configuration, and more troubleshooting on top of learning the library.

It's just Javascript. Svelte is a bunch of its own specific conventions. React is not hard to learn. Unless you only barely tried once. It's just so easy

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