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Hi! Thanks for useful list. I am self learned programmer, mostly in C, but as I started 30 years ago, I went through many "dinosaurs" like clipper, delphi, ...

I read lot about higher level application programming but less about how to deal embedded projects. Line between microcontroller and microprocessor systems is blured more every year, but the programming remains divided into different groups. Is there any good book about learning modern embedded programming, "lower" level driver programming and how it is done nowadays?



You're welcome, Marko.

The line is indeed blurring. I get paid for my web dev work but I dabble in embedded on the side.

I really like what Philip Koopman has to say on embedded. I've linked you to his blog but he's got YouTube videos and a book as well (which I haven't read).

There are also some really interesting embedded books on Amazon that I've been eyeing but haven't purchased yet. You might find something you like there based on the reviews.

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