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In my old career I switched jobs roughly every 1.5 years... Always got itchy feet, and it's part of how I knew I wanted to change career.

After learning to code I went straight into my current workplace and I'm still here 2.5 years later with no desire to leave!

I think as long as I'm still getting fresh and different challenges, and still being valued and encouraged to explore where my curiosity goes, I'd be happy to stay for a good long time 😁 I work for an agency so I really identify with what you say about feeling like you actually worked for different companies during your time - I love the transition to a new project; fresh challenges, frameworks, requirements to get excited about!

Congrats on your workiversary and I hope it continues to be a great fit for you 🙂


thanx for your comment. yes, new challenges, new projects, fresh cool things to do are the secret to never get bored :-)

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