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Latest User Interface (UI) design trends

While developing an application no company can be certain that it will give better results when compared with other applications. Statistics show that about 60% of mobile applications do not get downloaded at all. Within 40% of downloaded apps, 21% of the apps have only been used once throughout 2020.

The main reason why these apps did not gain much popularity is that they did not possess a unique and well-functioning UI. This is the main reason behind the crowd being driven because they do not feel comfortable using the application. 94% of the internet users stop trusting the site if it looks too shabby. Not many users are impressed by content sliders anymore. Stats show that only 1% of the crowd click on it.

Because of all this UI is developing fast and for the better. The designers are coming up with unique ideas and the competition is becoming stiff. Let’s talk about some of the latest trends now.

1) Mobile friendly:

Mobile optimization is not going out of style anytime soon. So 2020 will not be any different. Till the year of 2016, the UI was more focused towards PC users. But in 2016 the mobile users increased and surpassed PC users. The mobile traffic rose up to 50.31% and tablets to 4.9%, by the end of the year.

Since that year the designers have been focused on making their app mobile friendly. Stats show that traffic from mobile and tablets users have taken up 52% of all global sites in 2019.

2) Playing with dimensions:

UI designs are majorly flat. Even though they have a lot of benefits, they are quite monotonous. Till the recent past, 3D designs were looked upon as a challenge. They would take a longer time to download when compared with flat design. That is until web browsers started to improve. Now, the designers have started to play around with 3D designs.

On top of that, there has been some advancement in UI design tools. It is now possible to combine shadows with grids and parallax layouts, which systematically extended the corresponding depth. This results in realistic 3D illusions.

3) Multi-layered:

Now a day, designers have fallen in love with the overlapping effect. It has a very dainty and sophisticated looking. The elements like text, images and color stylishly overlap each other. We believe in 2022 the uses of this effect will be extended on both PC and Mobile users.

With all these advancements, the designs are evolving into sharper, crispier gradient which looks more natural. The trend also triggered the development of transparent UI designs.

This brings us to the next point.

4) Opacity:

The Opacity feature is one of the biggest assets of the designers, at the present. The designers use it to boost the User Interface of their application.

This feature allows the user to change settings of transparency, like illustration and colour to achieve a vibrant glass surface according to how he pleases. It is used to design logos too.

5) Designs without frames:

During this day and age glass surfaces have become the new favorite, worldwide. Frames have been discarded by everyone. Sleek or no frame look is very in. There is a considerable decrease in space between the display of outlines and devices edges for every major smartphone and TV screens. And to complete the look the corners have turned roundish.

Samsung and windows 11 went a step ahead and completely removed the frame by extending some of their smartphone screens, leaving room only for the earpiece. With this, we can conclude that the infinity illusion is also very in right now. This is causing a shift in UI design patterns and styles. The designs have turned frameless. With this, we can also conclude that 2022 will be the year of smooth, rounded, frameless designs.

6) UI Assisting Voice:

We have grown to love voice-assisted interfaces, eg. Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. This feature helps the mobile application to be unique. 2022 is going to give us much more improved and responsive voice assistant interfaces.

7) Virtual reality:

Virtual reality has hit a new benchmark of popularity in the market. It has been put to good use too. Health care hospitals use it to cure phobia. Education facilities are using it to enhance interaction. So we can confidently conclude that Virtual Reality is looking good for 2022.

In conclusion, UI is taking a progressive turn in the graph curve for 2022. This might not be the only features which we will be working on.

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