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What VS Code Extensions you are using for Web Development

Extensions to your IDE are invaluable to speed up your work without reducing the quality of your output. Here are some of my favorite extensions that I use to make my VSCode look the way I want and, make my life a little easier, and also some general-purpose extensions that will benefit everyone else too. Let me know your favorite code extensions and keyboard shortcuts in the comments.

I'm gonna share my favorite extensions here 😀

  1. HTML Snippets
  2. HTML CSS Support
  3. SQL Formatter
  4. Javascript Snippets Pack
  5. Simple React Snippets
  6. ES7 +React/Redux/React Native-Snippets
  7. Babel JavaScript
  8. Prettify JSON
  9. Color Picker
  10. Color Info
  11. Better Comments
  12. Add jsdoc Comments
  13. Remote SSH
  14. REmote WSL
  15. NPM
  16. NPM Intellisense
  17. Path Intellisense
  18. Path Autocomplete
  19. Jshint
  20. ESLint
  21. PHP Debug
  22. PHP Intelephense
  23. Git History
  24. GitLens
  25. Docker
  26. Css Peak
  27. Prettier
  28. Beautify
  29. Guides
  30. Highlight Matching Tag
  31. Auto Close Tag
  32. Auto Complete Tag
  33. Auto Rename Tag
  34. CodeQL
  35. Test Explorer UI
  36. Sublime Text Key map
  37. Material Icon Theme
  38. Live Server
  39. Window Colors
  40. Vscode-Icons

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