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My home city of Halifax, Nova Scotia has a beautiful port


I don't know which ones, but some people may not have understood the original question. And I truly mean it when I don't know which ones :D


3000 has always been good to me. It doesn't discriminate and it always accepts whatever garbage I want to put on it. 8080 is nice too, but it seems a little more 'elitist' to my taste. Kinda like a 3000 that became a little too arrogant.

So yeah, that's my guy, 3000.


Definitely when Doom was ported to JavaScript. That was a beautiful port.


Don't forget TCP/UDP port 666 is reserved for DOOM on Windows.


Big fan of Warre's "Otima" 20-year tawny here.


Ethernet is a wonderful one. USB is fantastic as well. I'm also a huge fan of Boston and 443.


I'm pretty impartial between Port Vell and Puerto OlΓ­mpico. Both are under 15 minutes walking and some of my favorite places to run to on a morning run.


There is a whole bunch of different answers here.

Some speak about TCP ports, some about physical extension ports, some about game ports and some even about fucking marine ports.

Love you, guys.


I like to have a combination of DisplayPort and 8888.

And nothing beats a C++ to Javascript rewrite.


If anyone asks them why acceptance criteria is useful on a ticket, I'm showing them this thread... 🀣

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