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Yusuf Saifurahman
Yusuf Saifurahman

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<header> vs. <head> vs. <h1> through <h6> Elements

Hi i know u may find it boring but i added something interesting some things beginners like me get confused of.

It is easy to confuse the element with the element or the heading elements,


. They all have different semantic meanings and should be used according to their meanings. For reference…

The element is a structural element that outlines the heading of a segment of a page. It falls within the element.


element is not displayed on a page and is used to outline metadata, including the document title, and links to external files. It falls directly within the element.

Heading elements,


, are used to designate multiple levels of text headings throughout a page.

Thanks for reading i hope you see errors so u can comment.

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It's always confusing when you don't know how to use the heading element in the best way....