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it is old, unsupported, without a community behind


Neither one of those things is true. Please don't troll if you're not sure of the truth.


I'm not trolling and I do not want to. But tell me how many community of knockoutjs are out there and when it was the last time that the documentation was updated.

I struggling to manipulate some data with svg since this morning and I was thinking to move to React but it is too much for my purpose. Mabey old jquery can help me better the KO

It's not the size the counts ;)

I saw you on the gittr channel posting a question. If you want, you can DM me here and I'll help you. I've built dozens of enterprise apps using ko, so I'll likely be able to guide you without issue. Chances are, if you're manipulating the DOM (which violates MVVM) you are in need of a custom binding. These are ko's secret weapon, often under-utilized and misused. But extremely powerful.

Stackoverflow, reddit, and github are about the only places I ever go to find anything involving a programming question. I've never even heard of gittr until now probably why not much knockout stuff is on there.

Also the knockout documentation is up to date. It's been stable for a long time and not had many version updates.

It's definitely supported too.

Fun fact: Did you know the authors of the upcoming Blazor (Web Assembly) on Dot Net core were the creators of Knockout? Aka Steve Sanderson.

Knockout itself has had updates within the last 5 months.

TKO is under development to become an eventual 4.0

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