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Discussion on: How to Get an Object Length

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Samantha Ming Author

Which part? Hmm...i don't think i see it 😲

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Eugene Karataev

Here's your code in the end of the article to count total amount of an object's properties.

const enumerableLength = Object.keys(animal).length;
const symbolLength = Object.getOwnPropertySymbols(animal).length;
const totalObjectLength = enumerableLength + symbolLength;
// 2 <-- 👍

Let's take a look at this object:

let animal = {head: 1};
Object.defineProperty(animal, 'legs', {value: 4});

This object has two properties, but your code above will return 1. So my thought was that it's better to replace Object.keys with Object.getOwnPropertyNames to return correct amount of an object's total properties.