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Discussion on: One-to-One Relationship with Entity Framework Core

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samselfridge • Edited on

So curious about something. I used this to get as far as the migrations then tried to implement the rest without help. Ended up pretty close, but the big difference is instead of creating a separate controller for weapons, since they maintain a 1to1 relationship, it made sense to add the add weapon to the character controller and specify the characterId in the url so the completed character controller now has:

    public async Task<IActionResult> AddWeapon(int id, AddWeaponDto newWeapon)
      newWeapon.CharacterId = id;
      return Ok(await _weaponService.AddWeapon(newWeapon));
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The only drawback that I can see immediately is using a separate weapon controller keeps the weapon/character logic more separate where as mine introduces uses a service from a different class in the character controller.

Am I missing anything else that would come back to bite me with this implementation?