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Discussion on: One-to-One Relationship with Entity Framework Core

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samselfridge • Edited on

Ran through this and couldn't figure out why theAddWeapon returned a character with a proper weapon, but even with the changes to GetCharacterDto, GET /character/{id} and GET /character both have null for weapon.

Turns out it needs to be 'loaded' from the DB in order to be referenced.

Was able to get the GetAll route to return weapon info by adding an Include() to the chain.

More info here:
The Include() call is what does it.

More info here:

edit - so this is covered a bit in the next section fyi.

 List<Character> dbCharacters = await _context.Characters.Where(u => u.User.Id == GetUserId()).Include(c => c.Weapon).ToListAsync();

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