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re: I got my first Chromebook before Android app support was released, and was very happy when Linux support was announced. I tried out crostini, but h...

Haha we had similar chromebook experiences! I'm so glad that there are other chromebook fans on here, I thought I was alone, but you and me had really similar chromebook paths including cloud 9 and even manjaro(though I switched to ubuntu budgie). Also I switched from a pixelbook to the hp 14 x360 cause the pixelbook was a bit small.

Either way, keep up the good fight!


Don't hear of too many Chromebook fans, but I think that will change over time as the OS gets better every day 😄

I like smaller laptop sizes (11 inches is my go-to), as they are easier to carry around, but that's just me :D

There are literally like 10 of us chromebook developer fans! Soon we will take over the world though, I'm sure of it!

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