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Discussion on: Is It Ethical to Design the exact copy of application ?

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Maverick Author

Totally agree with you. In India, we judge the students based on their cramming power and leave the other ones who have better skills and creativity. Thus, because of all this, you can see the JioMeet platform. I think, we have to take some serious step towards the self education, have to work on our skills and as you say "assets are the ones that truly define the word "Professionalism". So, self-learning is must for everyone as It always remains with you.

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Jaskirat Grewal

Yes. Teaching is a two-ended process. Even if we have an excellent teacher, it depends on us, the students on how good we take the information and process it. As we define in CS, information is processed data and knowledge is processed information. Learning is the process of converting information into knowledge.