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Discussion on: acme/acme2k: A lesson in sane IDE defaults.

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Sandor Dargo

FAQ: "Wouldn't that slow you down?" - No, not really. Being a productive developer, you probably spend most of the time writing new code instead of changing existing code. Even if you need to do that, clicking directly where you want to type is notably easier than instructing your cursor to go two lines up, five columns to the right and then enter the Insert mode.

What do you mean by a productive developer? In my opinion, a productive developer actually might have to change a lot of code, more than he/she writes new blocks. And a really productive developer will remove more code than he'd write.

I read a really interesting article which claims that the more experienced you become, the more bad code you will have to fix - and the more frustrated you will get.

Now, here is the question. Can we consider a developer with little experience, who writes a lot of not-so-clean code a productive developer?

Many people do, I think. Mostly non-technical (project) managers. Those who will actually have to deal with the mess, much less.