Where do I begin for WebDev?

sanguine8082 profile image Aaron Pfalzgraf ・1 min read

For several years, I've been working as a Matlab/Simulink developer with a little bit of Python thrown in on top. I've always had a small interest in Web/App Development, but I've never taken the plunge. I've recently made the decision to start actively switching gears, and begin learning in my free time. The problem is...

I don't know where to start

There is an overwhelming plethora of avenues that I could take (JS, Ruby, Rails, Go, Vue, etc.) I've tried to start several projects in the past, but never really made them a priority. I have experimented a little bit with JS and Go, but I am by no means proficient in either! I was quite impressed with the syntax of Go, but am not sure that I want to limit myself to that.

I'm looking for any/all resources on getting started! I plan on using this community to keep myself motivated and trying, but I will be fighting with my Warhammer40k hobby for free time :P


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Andy Zhao (he/him)

I don't know much about Python, but it can certainly be used as a web development language! You could try playing with Django and going from there. I'm a big fan of building off what you already know, since it saves you time and energy.

I didn't know much about programming when I started, and I took the approach of learning programming in general. I focused on learning the language and how to use it properly before trying to make a project. That was my approach though, and you may learn better by dabbling/creating projects.

I've heard decent things about Learn Python the Hard Way. That's definitely a place to get started.

If you're more interested in Javascript (which is definitely going to be a huge web development language), then you can take a look at Eloquent Javascript. It's a bit wordy and dense, but I really enjoyed it.

Also, when I was learning HTML and CSS, I liked using General Assembly's Dash.

We could talk about coding bootcamps and what not if you want, but I'm cheap and like using the vast amount of free options first. :)

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Aaron Pfalzgraf Author

Hey thanks for the reply!

I'm leaning more towards Javascript at this point. I'll have to take a closer look at that book you linked later. And yeah...probably need to actually go and learn HTML/CSS, I'll check that out as well.

Who doesn't love free stuff? I'm definitely thinking self-learning at this point; the only benefit I see to a bootcamp is having fixed deadlines :)

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

HTML and CSS are pretty straightforward, although there is always room to level up on it. I personally don't know that much, the whole "learn as I go" approach has been more than enough for me. That said, I'm not a full blown front end developer, and they probably have different opinions than me.

Also yes, free is best! The deadlines weren't all that useful for me to be honest. I did like having a structured learning environment, but I think the big thing that got me going was that I wanted to be a programmer. Internal motivation is always a key driver, and I think if you have that you'll easily find the resources you need. :)