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Cloud computing case study

I am new to cloud and I have a case study. I don't know how to solve this one and what all cloud models do I need to use to fulfill the client's requirements. I also haven't got any help from my professor.

Can anyone help me please?

Here it goes..

Business Overview

CFL (Crypto File Logic) is a small company with SOHO offices based in the UK, Spain and the US. The company is start up and currently has around 30 employees.

They provide a secure encryption service for PII data of governmental organisations using blockchain technology.

They are currently using standalone servers for their datacentres with minimal compute systems, network and storage devices.

The application is based in-house, however on occasions CFL has to sub-contract the application development to an external company due to the complexity of the software.


Due to a monumental increase in demand of blockchain services the company must rapidly expand. The company has won over £100mil in grants via various governments in different countries. The governmental organisations contractual agreement has enforced compliance with cloud services. The customer has also instructed that the systems and network are of the top specifications to compensate with the divergence over to quantum computing capabilities.

The current systems in use would only be able to cover about 10% of the current demand from the customers. Applications must be deployed and updated regularly. Currently the systems have to be managed locally and due technical staff shortages this is difficult.

The customers are already using cloud services and require an information exchange between them and the CFL once cloud migration is complete.


CFL have to migrate their systems and services to cloud infrastructure. CFL want to have the ability to rapidly expand or retract the services depending on the demand period. The main demand period falls between January and May during the time governments are reviewing their data.

CFL expect to start a new line of applications to cover new blockchain services as they are released, once the applications are developed CFL are proposing to deploy them via a 3rd party service provider.

CFL expect to be able to manage their own proprietary application and infrastructure remotely. CFL must have the ability manage the resources and deploy them as and when necessary.

Due to the type of data being encrypted it must be stored on reliable mediums. Low of the data may result in cancellation of the contracts with the customers.


You are to present a high level formal report of no more than 1500 words (appendices can be used if necessary), recommending which approaches/techniques can help CFL provide a quality solution with the given requirements and challenges. You should suitably justify any recommendations made.

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