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Discussion on: Recomendations in choosing a Linux distro

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Sergey Sarbash

Welcome to open source, my friend.
Pull/Merge requests are welcome.
This is the imperfect world.
You even don't imagine how many problems are with Windowses or MacOSes.
If your job is linked with some kind of OS and you feel boring with it you may change your OS or your job to more comfortable. It's just a question of the decision.
There is a choice there, always.

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

I don't really think you understand.

1) Not all open source projects suck as badly as Debian/Ubuntu

2) Sending a pull request does not mean it gets accepted or that the community doesn't think their tools are already working "perfect" (as they obviously do in case of Ubuntu). Disagreeing with how a Linux distribution is built does not mean that you have time to fork it into your own distribution, feel free to give it a go if you doubt me

3) I've been using computers heavily since the 80s starting with the Commodore 64, I don't have to imagine as I know. Windows and Mac OS X have many fewer critical problems for multiple reasons. Windows is closed source so hardware manufacturers are ok with giving away high quality drivers for use on it, and since it's paid software there are developers working on delivering a quality experience instead of just spending their days bickering which means the effort is not fragmented into a million competing desktop implementations etc. .. For Mac OS X the main reasons are also simple: closed hardware means very limited set of devices that need to be supported, and limitation of features that are given to users limits the development effort, hell there isn't even an audio mixer for them to support. Additionally quite a lot of Linux distributions end up working a lot better than Debian -derivatives

4) I've made my decision already, it's to avoid Debian -derivatives whenever possible, and to warn people of being suckered into thinking Ubuntu is the best the Linux world has to offer.

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Sergey Sarbash

I like your comment for the consistent reasoning and detailing. I hear you.
I agree that there are problems there. Maybe I learnt to live with them so they don't bother me anyhow. I'm very comfortable with Debian.
It's best for me but it's just me. And it's ok for me if you use another distro whether it be rpm-based or deb-based even Gentoo or Slackware.
Seems like you used test or sid branches.