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Email We try to make this sync up when you change your name on Twitter but I think our implementation doesn't cover some cases. @andy will get this straightened out.


Between June 2018 and May 2019 I was locked out from my Twitter account because it was created in April 2010 when I was 11.5y old. In that time i moved on to my new account, (previously @michalkfeiler), and gained a much larger follower base there. Although my old account links rather clearly and obviously to my new account, it annoys me greatly that all Twitter shares of my article will link to my old account and my devto profile does too — and i don't even know what other further inconveniences will that result in for me.


Also, someone has already taken my old username from GitHub, ArchieT — and my profile still links to it instead of the new one, mikrfe.

Huh, I don't know when or why (maybe manual intervention of someone who saw my post), but the GitHub link on my devto profile finally changed to mikrfe — just when i changed my username to mkf (i requested release of it from an inactive account and it got released! and i claimed it)

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